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Anger issues: Anger roots caused by your communication


Anger issues are common today because of the pace the world is moving. You have so much to do balancing between work and life responsibilities. At the end of the day, you have little patience for annoyance.

So how do you handle your anger issues? The key is to know what triggers your anger in the first place.


Your feelings are unique to you but how you interpret them and act on the feelings is what matters most. Anger is an emotion that occurs due to your genetics, the environment, socio-cultural factors, and disappointment.

If you were asked these three questions:

  1. So why are you so angry?
  2. Why are you allowing anger to control you?
  3. When was the last time you expressed your anger in a constructive way?


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Anger, angry

Feeling Angry? Digging Deeper to Find the Roots of Anger

Anger keeps you alive. It is your body’s reaction to threats that stimulates your anger. It urges you to take action, run or sense danger. At its core, getting angry is natural and positive.

The problem occurs, when we experience anger and do not know why we are upset. Or not know how to express your anger positively. You may experience irritation by a comment made by someone. Or experience flat outrage. The comment may not have been directed to you or not made to insult or belittle you.

But still your stomach feels like it’s in knots and your breath is slow and struggling.


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Goal setting

4 Goal Setting Hidden Gems to Boost Your Performance

Goal setting starts with a dream. Before you know what your goal is, you will visualize it in your mind. You will allow yourself to dream. You will separate your dream from fantasy. Then you will develop a vision of where you need to be.

And from your dreams and vision, your goals are born.


You will develop a plan.

A plan to actualize your dreams. And if you fail to plan, then your dreams will remain that.



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Happiness in life

29 Secrets of Happiness

  1. Find Ways to find your happiness

You can find happiness everywhere. Yes, You! We often want to make others happy.Most women will put others happiness above their own. But our happiness is not just determined by people we make happy. It is also determined by taking time to take care of ourselves. You cannot give what you do not have. Find happiness then spread it to those around you.


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